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Support for children suffering from violence and bullying

“Children all over the world should be protected against violence and bullying,” says the team behind the empowering initiative Stand By Me. Protecting children against bullying is a growing global movement, the latest reports by UNESCO estimates that over 240 million children and young people around the world experience school violence and bullying every year.

However, Dana Omar, Layyan Diab, and Hala Adel the students behind Stand By Me are taking their initiative a step further and working to put an end to child violence both at home and in schools, “Every child should know their rights and that they deserve to be protected and treated with dignity,” says Layyan.

Taking part in Palestine Codes: Coding for Children’s Rights, the team behind Stand By Me were able to learn the basics of coding utilizing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build a website that addresses the right of protection for all children. Having seen the effects of school bullying first hand, Dana, Layyan, and Hala, wanted to put their newfound coding skills to the test, and created a safe environment where children can take a stand and put an end to bullying. “So many kids are bullied, but they are too scared to get help, they are too scared to share their pain, so we had to do something about it,” Dana says.
Stand By Me, is an online platform geared towards children as a resource to not only find important information about bullying, but to reach out to social workers and psychologists for help. Children and parents alike can access a growing network of support via an online database of committed organizations and stakeholders that are actively reaching out to local communities to end child violence.

The Stand By Me platform features four main sections, a main page which provides a general overview into the mission of the founders and purpose for the platform and a section dedicated to providing bullied children and parents alike, with the tools and knowledge needed to identify the warning signs of bullying.

“We want children to feel safe to reach out and get help,” which is why Stand By Me has also incorporated a Get Help section which includes an anonymous reporting section.

“We want children who are experiencing violence or are bullied to have the opportunity to safely share what they are going through with our growing network of social workers and organizations.”

What sets Stand By Me apart, is that children and youth can directly reach out for help via the online platform in an anonymous and safe environment. Local organizations do not have the online presence that children and youth experiencing violence need, the platform is the connecting point bringing everyone together to become a community of support. The innovators behind Stand By Me are taking their initiative to their local schools to spread the word and let children and youth groups everywhere know that they are not alone, “We want this to become a movement, letting kids all over Palestine know by using our website they can find safely find help” Hala says. “We hope that everyone who uses our site will take what they learned and make a change to help others.”

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