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Youth Create Change (YCC)

Project description

Youth Create Change is a pilot intervention launched by the Local Governance and Civil Society Development Programme (LGP) implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Local Government (MoLG), the Municipal Development and Lending Fund (MDLF) and selected civil society organizations. The YCC aims at engaging youth in local decision making processes.

On the national level the YCC intervention is going to support the Ministry of Local Government and relevant Government structures to adopt a Youth Policy and to introduce needed regulatory reforms in order to institutionalize youth participation in local decision-making processes.

On the municipal level, new structures are going to be established: the Youth Officer, a municipal employee; a Youth Action Plan and a municipal budget line for youth activities.

The Youth Officer is meant to be the focal person in the municipality for all youth related issues; his/her main tasks are planning, initiating, coordinating and assisting in any activity related to the area of youth work.

On the community level, the program intends to utilize Youth Promoters: adolescents (15- 29 years old) who play a strategic role in terms of mobilizing their peers for youth related issues and act as a mediator and facilitator between the Youth Officer and the young people in the community.

Target group

Young people aged 15 – 29 and Youth workers / youth officers

Goals and challenges


  1. Capacitate the MoLG (Ministry of Local Government), MDLF (Municipal Development and Lending Fund) and CSOs (Civil Society Organizations) in the West Bank and Gaza on youth participation concept and tools;
  2. Institutionalize youth participation mechanisms (Youth Officer and Youth Promoters);
  3. Develop a local Youth Action Plan in each location and allocate a Municipal budget for youth activities.

Main challenges:

Capacities of LGUS (Local Government Units):

  • Lack of a clear legal mandate to tackle youth issues and of a youth function in the organizational structure;
  • Lack of budgets lines allocated for youth activities;
  • Lack of coordination among the public, civil, private sectors at the community level as well as lack of coordination among all NGOs and CBOs;
  • Lack of formal and non-formal education on youth participation/civic education/ youth rights.

Capacity of youth at city level:

  • Lack of awareness of the importance of youth participation;
  • Narrow understanding and mistaken perception of the role of local government units;
  • Influence of Family and Political Parties over the operations of youths;
  • Unfavorable culture that does not empower youth participation – no confidence in the young’s potential;
  • High rate of unemployment;
  • Limited recreational social infrastructure (cinema, theaters, etc.);
  • Lack of sufficient and sustainable funding.

Current focus and activities

The current focus of the YCC programme and main activities are:

  • Selection of 15 Youth Promoters in each location;
  • Provide a 6 month training for the Youth Promoters in each location;
  • Exchange experiences among Palestinian Youth Officers and Serbian Youth Officers;
  • Study trip to Serbia in order to visit the GIZ programme SoSyep - Strengthening of the Structures for Youth Empowerment and Participation;
  • Youth Officer and Youth Promoters have to develop the local YAP-Youth Action Plan in cooperation with local stakeholders.

Link to children and youth rights

The active engagement of young people in the society and decision-making processes is becoming nowadays a crucial and globally discussed topic. The World Programme of Action for Youth (WPAY) adopted by the United Nation General Assembly in 1995, considered the full and effective participation of youth in society and decision-making as one of its 15 priority areas for action to improve the situation of young people around the world. It is acknowledge that young people are part of the solution to the difficulties they face and not merely a problem to be resolved by others. The UN Child Rights Convention recognizes children and young people as individuals whose dignity must be respected. It promotes the principle that youth are entitled to express their views on all matters that affect them and to have those views taken seriously. Participation is a right and young people have to influence decision-making processes and those activities or programmes related to youth.

For more information on the project:

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