UNICEF Sudan Humanitarian Sitrep

September 2014


  • Sudan remains one of the worst children’s crisis in the world today. 6.9 million people (4.1 million children) are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. 5.7 million people (2.9 Million children) are food insecure. Two million boys and girls are acutely malnourished. Sudan is home to 2.9 million IDPs (482,866 in 2014 of which 289,719 are children), and home to 159,857 refugees (98,347 in 2014 including 69,000 children).
  • Sudan is affected by active conflict in 8 of the 18 States. Some areas, such as South Blue Nile, the Nuba Mountains of South Kordofan, and East Jebel Mara, have not been accessible to humanitarian actors since 2011. In South Kordofan, there is an estimated 165,000 children whom have not been able to benefit from essential vaccination since the conflict with the SPLM-N started in 2011.
  • Findings indicate that 60% of the refugee population are children, and the proportion increases to 70% children for refugees living in camps. Since the beginning of the conflict, 98,347 South Sudanese refugees have sought refuge in Sudan (UNHCR, 1 October 2014). On 10 September 2014, the UNICEF Representative became the first head of an agency to visit the refugees in the relocation camp of Al Kashafa in White Nile State.
  • In September, doctors and teachers in different parts of Darfur were on strike. In West Darfur, doctors were on strike because of the dire conditions they have to work in, the lack of life-saving medicines, as well as demands concerning travel and living allowances. In three other Darfur states (North, South and East), teachers were on strike because of late payment of salaries.
  • At the end of September, the UNICEF Sudan humanitarian appeal for 2014 is only 35% funded. WASH sector is worst affected with a funding gap of 74% followed by Child Protection at 70% unfunded.

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