UNICEF State of Palestine Humanitarian Situation Report 6 November 2014

Reporting period: 24 Oct - 6 November 2014


A number of security incidents were reported during the past two weeks, including in East Jerusalem were tensions are rising. A rocket was fired from Gaza and, two attacks reported in East Jerusalem

  • Following separate security incidents, Egypt closed the Rafah crossing and Israel the Erez and Kerem Shalom crossings. Israel opened the crossings after two days.
  • Heavy rains caused flooding in Khuzza’a temporary camp and aggravated the already dire humanitarian situation of families living in partially damaged buildings. The WASH Cluster winter response will include measures to prevent, mitigate and respond to seasonal flooding including cleaning and procurement of equipment and tools. Education Cluster response includes prepositioning of emergency educational material, provision of warm jackets and boots as well as disaster risk reduction training for children and teachers in flood prone areas. Child protection will provide blankets, sleeping mats and winter track suits and family centres are prepared for emergency response. UNICEF’s Health and Nutrition team will replenish and allocate essential drugs related to children illnesses and injuries, support MOH with mobile teams and monitor the communicable disease outbreaks and vaccination coverage.
  • On 28 October, in collaboration with WFP and Oxfam, UNICEF launched the E-voucher programme for the provision of school uniforms and shoes to children most affected by the conflict. The first phase of the programme targeting 2,722 households has already reached approximately 2,759 children attending government schools.
  • In its effort to ensure access of children to safe learning environments, UNICEF in collaboration with ACF have completed repairs on 26 government schools.
  • A UNICEF shipment of 65,429 single dose vials of Inactivated Polio Vaccine (IPV) vaccine were received by the MoH on 5 November.

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