UNICEF State of Palestine Humanitarian Situation Report

Covering period 3- 15 January 2015


  • On 8 January, the Gaza Strip was hit by a severe winter storm, which continued for almost a week. Four children aged from 1 to 18 months died due to complications of the freezing weather and poor living conditions. 151 individuals (23 families) have sought shelter in the existing UNRWA Collective Centers, which are currently hosting IDPs.
  • The number of IDPs in UNRWA Collective Centers stands at 13,624.
  • Electricity, fuel and cooking gas are running short in Gaza, due to the storm and slow passage of materials, affecting daily lives of thousands of people in dire need.
  • During the reporting period, 2,031 adolescents participated in skills development training activities including creative and critical thinking, communication, problem solving, team work and other non-cognitive skills, with the support of UNICEF’s partners, TAMER, MAAN, Al Nayzak, Save Youth Future Society and INJAZ.
  • 3,828 tons of drugs and medical supplies were delivered to Ministry of Health warehouses in Gaza.
  • The delivery of psychosocial support to children and caregivers in Gaza is ongoing. Since the end of the conflict in Gaza, 30,934 (15,075 girls and 15,859 boys) have received psychosocial support and 5,950 caregivers (2,945 females and 3,005 males) were reached through awareness raising activities.

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