UNICEF Liberia Ebola Situation Report

No. 56 October 2014


  • Since the UNICEF SitRep of 11 October 2014, 320 new suspected, probable and confirmed cases of Ebola and 4 new deaths were added to the official totals for Liberia.
  • Montserrado remains the epicenter of the epidemic, with 150 new cases recorded during the reporting period. While still the county of second-highest incidence, Lofa recorded just 21 new cases, indicating the epidemic curve may be steadying in the county. Bong continued to report a rise, adding an additional 75 cases, with 40 new cases recorded in Margibi and 7 in Nimba.
  • Fully supported by UNICEF, 110 social workers and mental health clinicians provided psychosocial, family tracing, reunification and reintegration support to 668 children (307 boys, 361 girls) in the ten most affected counties. Of these, 95 social workers are deployed in all affected counties and 15 mental health specialists are providing counselling in ETUs and in the country’s only Interim Care Centre.
  • Funded by UNICEF, 111 orphaned, separated and unaccompanied children affected by Ebola have been registered to receive one-time cash assistance as part of immediate recovery support.
  • As part of UNICEF’s overall efforts to scale up Ebola case management and restore essential life-saving health, nutrition and WASH interventions in Bong, Margibi and Montserrado counties, a Project Cooperation Agreement valued at over USD 1 million was signed with Save the Children.
  • To support the establishment of Ebola Treatment Units and Community Care Centres, UNICEF this week released 19 tents to Montserrado, Sinoe and Margibi counties, and 1,000 household protection kits and 3 diarrhea kits to Nimba and Bong counties.
  • In an effort to promote hand washing with water and chlorine at the household level as a key pillar in the fight against hand-to-hand transmission, UNICEF released household hygiene promotion kits to 2,007 families in communities residing near Monrovia’s SDK Stadium.

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