One month on, Haiti’s children grapple with a disaster

A devastating earthquake upended the lives of thousands of children. - A photo story from UNICEF
11-year-old Widler stands outside his badly damaged home following the August earthquake | Photo: UNICEF/UN0516348/Haro

“I don't remember how long the earthquake lasted. The earth began to shake, and everything fell apart,” says 11-year-old Widler. “I was helping my father to make a fire when we felt the earth shake and our house collapsed. We lost everything. Now, we sleep on the street, under a tarp. I’m afraid to sleep under a roof again.”

Early in the morning of 14 August 2021, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake rocked Haiti, claiming more than 2,200 lives and injuring thousands more. Many families lost everything as hospitals, schools and homes collapsed, leaving communities in crisis. 

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