Five reasons migration is a feminist issue

International leaders are convening at United Nations Headquarters, New York, to discuss the critical issue of migration and human mobility, a megatrend that is reshaping the global landscape.

An estimated one billion people around the world are migrants – one in every seven people.

But as policymakers scramble to understand how these mass movements affect societies, economies, security and sustainability, the needs of women and girls are falling through the cracks.

Below are five reasons migration is a serious concern for women and girls.

  1. Almost half of migrants are women and girls. And women are increasingly migrating alone or as heads of their households. (...)
  2. Female migrants face major risks, including sexual exploitation, trafficking and violence. (...)
  3. Migrant women face double discrimination – as women and as migrants. (...)
  4. Women do not stop getting pregnant when they are on the move. (...)
  5. Women and girl migrants are more likely to face health problems – both in transit and at their destinations. (...)


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