Teaching Political Tools to Young People

A Guideline

Claus Sixt, Verena Kuch | Associaton of European Education | 2017

Teaching Political Tools to Young People

This guide is for trainers who run projects in the field of political participation. We recommend to give the guide to participants of projects, thus they can prepare themselves for the trainings.

The guide consits of:

We are always impressed about the positive impact that interviewing has to our participants. They really take advantage, because during inerviewing they

  • reflect on themselves.
  • learn to formulate their thoughts more precisely.
  • learn to conduct interviews.
  • get to know the interview partner very quickly.

Moreover our participants get a door opener to nearly all decisionmakers.

Jugend debattiert (Youth Debates)
This is a training, which gives young people the opportunity to deal critically with current political and social issues. The aim of Jugend debattiert is to support civic education and emphasize the role of debating as a tool towards democratic conflict resolution.

Conventions for writing Letters / E-Mails



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