Learning to Realize Education’s Promise

World Development Report 2018 (WDR 2018)

| International Bank for Reconstruction and Development / The World Bank | 2017

Learning to Realize Education’s Promise

“The only way to make progress is to ‘find truth from facts.’ If we let them, the facts about education reveal a painful truth. For too many children, schooling does not mean learning,” said World Bank Chief Economist, Paul Romer.

Relying on evidence and advice gathered during extensive consultations in 20 countries, with governments, development and research organizations, CSOs, and the private sector, the report offers three policy recommendations:

First, assess learning, so it can become a measurable goal.

Only half of all developing countries have metrics to measure learning at the end of primary and lower secondary school. Well-designed student assessments can help teachers guide students, improve system management, and focus society’s attention on learning. These measures can inform national policy choices, track progress, and shine a spotlight on children who are being left behind.

Second, make schools work for all children.

Level the playing field by reducing stunting and promoting brain development through early nutrition and stimulation so children start school ready to learn. Attract great people into teaching and keep them motivated by tailoring teacher training that is reinforced by mentors. Deploy technologies that help teachers teach to the level of the student, and strengthen school management, including principals.

Third, mobilize everyone who has a stake in learning.

Use information and metrics to mobilize citizens, increase accountability, and create political will for education reform. Involve stakeholders, including the business community, in all stages of education reform, from design to implementation.

Full report, also available: Overview (pdf, 1.64 mb, 52 pp)



International Bank for Reconstruction and Development / The World Bank

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