EU-UNICEF Child Rights Toolkit:

Integrating Child Rights in Development Cooperation

| EU-UNICEF | 2016

EU-UNICEF Child Rights Toolkit:

As part of their strategic collaboration, this ‘Child Rights Toolkit: Integrating child rights in development cooperation’ has been developed by UNICEF and the EU to strengthen the capacity of development partners, European Commission staff, bilateral donors and other development actors to integrate a child rights approach throughout development programming, budgeting, policy-making and law making. The toolkit looks beyond traditional child-focused sectors and programmes (such as education and maternal health) to demonstrate how development cooperation can effectively contribute to the fulfilment of children’s rights. Sector reforms and development initiatives in areas such as infrastructure, governance or budget reform all have a strong impact on child wellbeing and rights. Yet, these sectors tend to consider children’s rights as an afterthought at best and oftentimes not at all. Even in child-focused programmes, children’s interests, perspectives, vulnerabilities, capacities and rights are frequently overlooked.

By providing practical guidance on how to take a rights-based, child-focused approach, this toolkit aims to ensure that children’s rights as well as initiatives to promote the well-being of all children can be effectively integrated and applied across programmes of bilateral and multilateral development assistance.


The toolkit consists of eight modules on key areas, each of which contains associated tools for application:

Module 1: Overview of Child Rights in Development Cooperation

Module 2: Child Rights in Programming and Sector Policies

Module 3: Child Participation

Module 4: Child Rights in Governance

Module 5: Child Impact Assessment

Module 6: Childresponsive Budgeting

Module 7: Child Rights in Crisis and Risk-prone Situations

Module 8: Working with Civil Society on Child Rights


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French  (Download, pdf, 15,3 mb)

Spanish (Download, pdf, 14,9 mb)


More information:

EU-UNICEF Child Rights Toolkit - Website ...with the Child Rights Toolkit in six langugages, WorkshopMaterials, Graphic Recordings, Video Material and an e-learning course

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