Youth associations and cooperatives: getting young people into work

A. Löwe, S. Njambi-Szlapka, S. Phiona | ODI | 2019
Youth associations and cooperatives: getting young people into work

The Youth Empowerment Through Agriculture (YETA) programme, in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation, addresses the employment challenges faced by young people in mid-Western and Northern Uganda through the support and formation of youth associations. This report seeks to understand how these associations can address the challenges typically faced by underemployed or unemployed youth and to capture the lessons learned by the programme.

Key findings and recommendations

  1. Youth associations are an effective means for addressing youth unemployment and poverty
  2. The distribution of benefits is unequal among members of youth associations
  3. A dedicated mentor is essential to group success
  4. All groups should have a female mentor
  5. Group size should be limited to 30 or 35 members
  6. Access to finance is a significant but not insurmountable challenge
  7. Clear rules are necessary for dealing with defaulters
  8. Establishing formal credit cooperatives requires significant programme support
  9. Collective action can contribute to higher aspirations
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