The Cost of not Educating Girls

Missed Opportunities: The High Cost of Not Educating Girls
Q. Wodon, C. Montenegro, H. Nguyen, A. Onagoruwa | World Bank | 2018
The Cost of not Educating Girls

Too many girls drop out of school prematurely, especially in low income countries. Low educational attainment for girls has negative consequences not only for them, but also for their children and household, as well as for their community and society.
This study documents the potential impacts of educational attainment for girls and women in six domains:
(1) earnings and standards of living;
(2) child marriage and early childbearing;
(3) fertility and population growth;
(4) health, nutrition, and well-being;
(5) agency and decision-making; and
(6) social capital and institutions....

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