Syria 9

June 2020
| UNICEF | 2020
Syria 9

The nine-year-long war has had severe consequences on children and childhood. Inside Syria, there are more than 5 million children in need of assistance. Many were born into the war. Many know nothing but war. Last year, nearly 900 children were killed in Syria, more than 70 per cent were killed in the northwest.

The war had a ripple effect on Syria’s neighbouring countries where2.5 million children from Syria live as refugees. Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt host 97 per-cent of all Syria’s refugees.

Syrian children and families have voices and opinions. We have asked them to share the challenges they face, the most pressing concerns, their views on the future, how the war has affected their lives and the lives of their children, the impact on education, on Syria’s once diverse social fabric and simply how they survived and coped with one of the most brutal wars in recent history.

Nine years of war in Syria on children and childhood - the latest facts and figures.

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