Once upon a year

Annual Report 2018
| The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) | 2019
Once upon a year

Imagine a world where there are no images and videos of child sexual abuse on the internet. Where children and adults can experience the wonders of the internet without worrying about their safety. Not a lot to ask for, is it?

But, as we know, the internet has a dark side where children are groomed, coerced, deceived and sexually abused. Beyond the crime of the abuse, and the humiliation, is the crime of recording it. Beyond the abuse, humiliation and recording of it, is the crime of sharing it, then the viewing of it repeatedly by others who create the demand for more ‘material’ —more sexual abuse, more sharing. That’s why the IWF exists. Child sexual abuse has a devastating impact on people’s lives. Online child sexual abuse is increasing globally, with criminals using technology to evade detection. Children are revictimised every time their images are viewed online.

Gesundheit Missbrauch und Vernachlässigung von Kindern Home Monitoring Recht auf Gesundheit Recht auf Schutz Rechte-Monitor
The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF)

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