“My Son is Just Another Kid”

Experiences of Children Repatriated from Camps for ISIS Suspects and Their Families in Northeast Syria
| Human Rights Watch | 2022
“My Son is Just Another Kid”

This report examines the experiences of more than 100 children, ages 2 to 17, who were brought back - or, in some cases, brought for the first time - to their country of nationality between 2019 and 2022. The majority were repatriated or returned from northeast Syria, and a small number were returned from lraq. Through interviews and online surveys with their parents, other family members, social workers, teachers, foster parents, lawyers, psychologists, and legal guardians, the report explores their reintegration - or for those born abroad, their integration - into their home country, including their activities, interests, and schooling. lt finds that the majority are perceived to be doing well in school and making friends. lt finds that successful repatriation is entirely possible.

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