Governance Innovation in Action

A Review of Innovative Experiences in Public Sector Governance Reform
Angela Christie, Kate Conroy, Bryony Everett, Hannah Swan | iMC worldwide | 2015
Governance Innovation in Action

This review of innovative experiences in public sector governance reform represents the fourth of six reports produced as part of an OECD study. The report seeks to address six questions:
1. How can we usefully define innovation in the context of governance support in developing countries?
2. What examples do we have of innovative approaches recently used in this area?
3. Can we identify concrete conditions that enable or promote more successful innovation?
4. Can we identify specific contexts in which innovation is conducive to public sector reforms and conditions when it is rather not recommendable?
5. Which concrete innovation experiences and approaches have the potential to be totally or partially replicable in other countries and contexts?
6. What has been learned to date about the sustainability of innovative governance initiatives?
The rationale for this report is based on the limited and partial success of public sector reform initiatives and the inference that this signals poor prospects for development and a significant challenge to development cooperation.

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