Ending Extreme Poverty: a Focus on Children

Briefing Note
| World Bank, UNICEF | 2016
Ending Extreme Poverty: a Focus on Children

"Children growing up in extreme poverty require special attention. They are profoundly affected by poverty in different ways than adults and are almost certain to miss out on a good start in life. The consequences of inadequate nutrition, a lack of early stimulation and learning, and exposure to stress last a lifetime. They lead to stunted development, low levels of skills needed for life and work, limited future productivity as adults, and transmission of poverty down the generations. Beyond this tragic impact on human life and potential, neglecting children fails to build the human capital needed for sustained economic prosperity in today’s world.

Understanding the problem better is a vital step towards tackling it successfully. Accordingly, researchers from the World Bank Group and UNICEF have joined forces to undertake a first-of-its kind study of how many children are living in extremely poor households and where exactly they are located. Alongside indicators on access to education, health and sanitation, this information will be useful for governments and all partners working to improve the lives of some of the poorest children and families on the planet."

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UNICEF, World Bank

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