COVID-19 Aftershocks: A Perfect Storm

Millions More Children at Risk of Violence Under Lockdown and Into the 'New Normal'
| World Vision, It takes a world to end violence against children | 2020
COVID-19 Aftershocks: A Perfect Storm

COVID-19 poses a grave threat to the world’s children. While the mortality rate for healthy children infected by the virus has been lower than for adults and those with pre-existing conditions, 30 million are still at risk of illness and death. It is the indirect effects and impacts of this disease that pose a clear and present danger to children, particularly the most vulnerable. 

This report looks at one those impacts of COVID-19 on girls and boys. Violence. We predict a major spike in the cases of children experiencing physical, emotional and sexual violence, both now and in the months and years to come. Whether they are forced to stay at home, or, in time, are sent to work or pushed into early marriage, boys and girls face a bleak future – unless governments, UN agencies, donors, NGOs, and the private sector do everything they can now to protect them. 

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World Vision, It takes a world to end violence against children