Child Rights Now!

A Second Revolution - Thirty years of child rights, and the unfinished agenda
| Child Rights Now! | 2019
Child Rights Now!

The way the world treats children has been transformed in the 30 years since governments worldwide signed the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. But the promise of the convention is still being broken daily for millions of children. A Second Revolution is needed today, so the rights of every child – whoever they are, and wherever they live – are finally fulfilled. 

A Second Revolution has been produced by Child Rights Now!, an initiative from Joining Forces, the alliance of the 6 largest international NGOs ( ChildFund Alliance, Plan International, Save the Children International, SOS-Kinderdorf International, Terre des Hommes International Federation und World Vision International) and lays out the critical steps needed to realise the rights of all children. 

How to deliver on the promise of children’s rights

  • Governments embrace and act on all parts of the Convention on the Rights of the Child – by implementing legislation, policies, budgets and programmes that are inclusive of all children.
  • Governments invest today to ensure a sustainable tomorrow – by spending on services and infrastructure reaching the poorest and most vulnerable children.
  • Governments track and show progress for all children – by gathering data and applying insights across the full range of children’s rights and including the most marginalised groups.
  • Governments listen and respond to children – by supporting children’s participation and voice at the family and community level and upholding their rights to freedom of expression and opinion.
  • Governments make these game-changing commitments for children in the next decade:
    • Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 
    • Promote the rights of the most marginalised children and support gender equality 
    • End all violence against children
    • Act on climate change in ways that safeguard children’s rights
    • Prioritise interventions and investment for children in early childhood and adolescence
    • Invest in universal education that promotes civic engagement and human rights
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Child Rights Now!