Child Friendly Cities and Communities

| UNICEF | 2019
Child Friendly Cities and Communities

This Handbook is a succinct summary of the practices, common
challenges and lessons learned. It contains a step-by-step guide
to establishing a CFCI, which leaves adequate room for adapting
and contextualizing the initiative to local structures, priorities and
needs. The Handbook also presents a revisited Framework for
Action to guide implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and
a set of broad global minimum criteria aimed at streamlining the
CFCI globally and providing the basis for the recognition of a Child
Friendly City by UNICEF.
As cities and communities continue to evolve, so will this
Handbook. It will benefit immensely from the comments and
queries of its users, and UNICEF welcomes this feedback, which
can be sent to UNICEF also looks forward to
hearing from stakeholders on how the CFCI is working in their city
or community, and how it can be improved and strengthened to
make UNICEF and cities and communities more responsive to the
needs of the world’s children and young people, and more able to
fulfil their rights.