Changing Lives in Our Livetime

Global Childhood Report 2019
| Save the Children | 2019
Changing Lives in Our Livetime

At least 280 million children – or 1 child in 8 – are dramatically better off today than at any time in the past two decades, according to our third annual Global Childhood Report and End of Childhood Index. More children are healthy and surviving past their fifth birthday. More children have enough good food to eat, so their growth isn't stunted. More children - girls and boys - are in school and learning, instead of having to marry, become a parent or go to work. And, more children are safe from violence.
Since the year 2000, circumstances have improved for children in 173 out of 176 countries, saving hundreds of millions of childhoods. Globally there has been progress on every End of Childhood indicator but one – children suffering due to conflict.
Not only has there been no progress at all in reducing the number of children living in war zones or forced to flee conflict, that number has dramatically increased.
Today, 1 child in 4 is still being denied the right to a childhood. Finding ways to provide these children with the chance to grow up healthy, educated and protected is central to ensuring every last child has the childhood they deserve.

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