A New Era for Girls

Taking stock of 25 years of progress
| United Nations Children’s Fund, UN Women, Plan International | 2020
A New Era for Girls

Nearly 64 million girls were born in 1995, the year the Beijing Platform and Declaration for Action was adopted, beginning their lives as the global community committed to improving their rights. In 2020, nearly 68 million girls are expected to be born. The UNICEF, Plan International and UN Women report, A New Era for Girls: Taking stock of 25 years of progress, finds that while girls’ lives are better today than they were 25 years ago, the gains are uneven across regions and countries. This is particularly true for adolescent girls.

Girls born today are expected to live eight years longer, yet we are still far from the vision of gender equality set out in 1995. This report demonstrates the need to focus on the realities girls face today and addresses the critical issues of making sure girls have access to 12 years of education and the skills they need for the workforce; ending gender-based violence, child marriage and female genital mutilation (FGM); and improving girls’ health and nutrition.

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United Nations Children’s Fund, UN Women, Plan International