A Better Tomorrow

Syria's Children Have Their Say
| Save the Children | 2019
A Better Tomorrow

After eight years of destructive conflict, more than a third of Syrian children ‘always or frequently’ feel unsafe, as well as distressed and alone, according to a survey carried out for a new Save the Children report, “A Better Tomorrow: Syria’s Children Have Their Say”.

Ahead of the major international Conference on Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region in Syria in Brussels this week, questionnaires and focus group discussions were carried out with children in four governorates in Syria that have been devastated by war.

Half of those surveyed identify violence, family separation, the destruction of homes and vital infrastructure and lack of access to basic services like education and healthcare as “very serious” challenges facing them and their communities Despite this, the majority of children surveyed are hopeful about the future and their role in creating a better Syria, providing there is peace and stability. Since the start of Syria’s brutal conflict eight years ago, some 4 million children have been born and most know nothing but war. This survey only provides a snapshot of children’s experiences and further consultations should now happen to fully understand the recovery needs of all children and their communities. (...)

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